Tuesday, August 21, 2012

our summer fun

We've done quite a bit in the last few months.  (I've been putting loads of pictures on FB of it all.)  The first week of June we went to Orlando for a week long vacation.  Our first family vacation ever!!  It was awesome.  We were able to cram into Tyler's work car (free gas!) and drive to a little town house I found on Groupon.  It was a perfect set up for all of us, and it had awesome pools that the kids loved.  We hit up Disney World for free one day (thank you Bryce!) and had a good time.  (but we wouldn't pay to go back...way to expensive and way too many people!)  We went to Sea World two days and LOVED IT.  Tyler says if we lived there we'd get season passes...it was awesome.  The other days we hung out and did a lot of swimming.  Honestly, one of my favorite things was going to the Orlando temple and taking pictures of the kids.  I love visiting Temples when we go places.  :)

We ended up going to California to visit my wonderful home one last time before my parents move to Spokane this fall.  I made a schedule before we went (yes...I was that dedicated to seeing and doing EVERYTHING one last time) so we were able to fit a lot of awesomeness in.  Which included a lot of awesome and fatty food.  :)  (I cry when I think that I will never eat Chocolate Malted Krunch ice cream EVER again.)  Again, my favorite part of the trip is that we were able to go to the Oakland temple with the kids, a week short of our 6 year anniversary of being sealed there.  It was actually closed for some indoor cleaning/stuff so we didn't do a session, but we were able to take pictures of our family outside.  It worked out PERFECT.  No one was there because it was closed, so we had the entire grounds to ourselves.  I got to take some shots of the Temple like I've ALWAYS wanted to do (I've never loved any of the Oakalnd Temple prints) and my mom got some awesome pictures of our sweet little family, 6 years later, with 3 awesome additions.  :)  Ahhh, it makes me cry just thinking about it.  :)  Now I just need to get the pictures printed and on our walls!

Then this morning Carrie and her kiddos left to go back home after a 13 day stay here with us in hot-lanta.  We didn't get out of the house too much (5 kids 4 and under is a little hectic!) but we still had a lot of fun.  Which again, sadly included a lot of awesome fatty food.  (Godiva cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!  Don't ever look at the calories when you eat it...it'll make you cry.)

AND one of the biggest milestones of my sweet little Kendalynn's life, (and mine!) she went to her first day of school on Monday.  It's only pre-k, Mon-Thurs 9-12, but still!  I have been prepping her for months and months, and she did fantastic.  Went in without looking scared at all, and said she had a fantastic day.  I'll totally admit that I cried, but only a little.  :)

So we finally feel like we're settling back into "normal life" after all this stuff we've been doing.  Tyler and I are convinced that we're going to turn a new leaf and start exercising 5 times a week to make up for all the crap (awesome crap) that we ate.  We have a bowflex that we LOVE, and I have loads of workout videos but we haven't felt like our schedules were constant enough to figure out a good time to do anything.  So we're starting this Friday (he's gone till then) that we're going to wake up at 6 each weekday morning and workout before he goes to work.  I'm actually really excited.  And I figure if I write it on here for the world to see, I'll be more dedicated...right?  :)  So, any healthy tips would be appreciated!

Other than all this crud, things are going great.  We both LOVE our church callings.  I'm still in YW with the Beehives, and now just got the Music Chairman calling as well which I'm stoked about.  Tyler is still 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric and really loves it.  He's still a little nervous about conducting Sacrament meeting, (even though he does just fine) but he LOVES the fact that he's getting to know everyone in the ward so well.  Kendalynn is loving school, Logan is crazy without her, but a lot more manageable I think!  Camrynn is just plain awesome.  She's crawling like a crazy person, and walks all along furniture and walks great with her walking toy.  (compared to the other two, who still weren't even crawling at her age.  it's weird.)

Well I think this is enough for today.  I'm not sure people really read these posts, but I figure I'll do it more for the sake of keeping a journal.  (which is another one of those things I need to start doing....)  But anyways...life is good.  :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

a change for good

I very rarely feel like blogging about anything personal-ish going on, cause to me a blog was just about pictures and little kid updates and things.  But sometimes I guess it's a good idea to keep people informed about us and changes going on, and sometimes (like now) a chance to get to explain how I feel about certain things a little in depth.

A week and a half ago Tyler got a call to meet with the Stake President.  Long story short, today he was sustained in our ward as the 2nd Counselor in the Bishopbric.  So I've felt the need to write on here how I really feel about all of these things, and clear up what I feel like other people are assuming I feel since this is definitely a more consuming calling, especially since we have 3 young kids and all.  :)

My dad was Bishop for almost 6 years-ish when I was into high school, and Tyler's dad just got released today (ironically) from being the 1st counselor...so we know a little about what this all entails.  :) Over the past week and a half we've had plenty of time to talk between the two of us about the changes that this would bring, the way we both felt, and mostly, the humbling experience it is for Tyler to have this opportunity to serve.  Tyler mentioned countless times how he felt so humbled because there are SO many amazing people in our ward who could easily fill this role, but of all the people he was chosen.  Not because he's perfect, not because he's super experienced, but because at this time in our lives, in this ward, the Lord saw it fit that he be given the chance to serve and get to know the people, and learn and grow closer to the Savior.  Already, I've been amazed at how this call has affected me personally.

So onto how I feel about things.  :)  I was surprised when some people mentioned things along the line of, "make sure they know how busy you are" and things like that when this call came.  As if perhaps he would turn it down because he was too busy??  I am blessed with AMAZING parents, who raised me to have complete faith in the fact that callings are most definitely inspired by the Lord, and issued through his servants.  We don't randomly get chosen for callings by someone on a whim.  In my mind, you don't say no to callings.  As busy as Tyler's life was with work and with our family, and his previous calling, I have no issues with the fact that this calling will be more busy, and more time away from home, and the unpleasant fact that in church he will now have to sit on the stand while I sit with 3 young squirmy children.  (that's my least favorite part.)  I have "no beef" as one might say, about sharing my husband with a church calling.  :)  We will make it work, we will deal with whatever comes our way, and we will look at all of this as a blessing and an opportunity to serve.  More than anything, this calling has brought me joy, which I'm not gonna lie, really surprised me.  I feel so grateful to be married to someone who is worthy of such a calling and it has reminded me of what a great blessing that is.  I am excited for him to learn and grow, and the blessings that we as a family will enjoy as a result of his service and I am thrilled that he can be such a great example to our children.  Talking to my dad, he mentioned the phrase, "where much is given, much is required" but made a point that it in cases like this, the reverse is absolutely true.  "where much is required, much is given."  I love that.  I know the kids and I will be taken care of while Tyler is busy.

So many people already have commented to me about the calling, and have almost made it sound like they feel a little sorry for me in regards to the changes this calling will bring.  Yes, it will be hard having more nights of putting the kids to bed by myself, and the longer Sundays and things like that, but I'm really not all that worried about it.  Aldi has done a good job stealing him away all the time, so I'm actually pretty used to it!  :)  And he's had to go to the morning meetings for over a year now, so at least I've already mastered getting the kids ready and getting to church on time by myself!  (and I will gloat for a minute...that we've been at least 5 mins early to church all year, and church starts at 9.  Go Katie!  Lol.)

I'm also very excited about the new bishop...Bishop Settle.  I LOVE him and his family.  He and his wife Tara are fantastic.  They are great examples of the kind of family we want to be.  I've been serving with Tara on the Relief Society board since we moved in, and she is easily one of my favorite people in the ward.  I'm thrilled that Tyler gets to work closely with him, and hope that we get to know their family even better.

So that's all I guess.  I hope this doesn't sound braggy, or like I'm trying to elevate us because more than anything we feel completely humbled and suddenly VERY aware of the MANY changes and improvements we need to make in our lives.  I am excited to support Tyler, and grateful that we are able to serve the Lord and the members of the Acworth Ward.  :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

yes...another FB album link

I'm too lazy to attempt to put pictures on here.  I can upload a huge album on FB in just a few minutes.  So if you want to look at pictures of my cuuuuute kids, click HERE.

the end.  I'm contemplating making a new blog, and making it private...so stay tuned for that if I do.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

more links

Okay, so I just made 2 fairly  large albums on facebook of pictures.  A Christmas one (stuff that went on while we stayed at Tyler's parents for 5 days) and then an overall December one.  So here are the links for you non-facebook people.  :)



Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Just in case anyone who reads my blog isn't on facebook, here is a link to the album I have of baby Camrynn.  (copy and paste it.)  It's a billion times easier for me to put pictures on facebook, so sorry if I hardly ever put pictures on here.  :)


Saturday, December 3, 2011

nursing help

So...I'm just gonna get straight to the point and ask for help from anyone out there who successfully nurses their kids.  Any tips you have...advice...pain management solutions...the works.  I read everywhere over and over that nursing shouldn't hurt that bad, but for all 3 kids I've been pushed to the point of almost cursing out loud and then sadly I get pretty grumpy.

I really want to get thru this.  Maybe there is a good way to dull the pain???  Or maybe I should get a good stick to bite onto. 

Thats all.  Please help me. :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Camrynn Marie has arrived!

What a wonderful day it has been!  A few times here and there I was worried she might not be coming today, but it all worked out AMAZINGLY well.  I couldn't have asked for a better labor and delivery, and baby and I are doing fantastic.  So here's the gist of how things went to get our little angel here!

(yesterday) 3:00 - membranes stripped
7:00-midnight - contractions 7-9 minutes, but everytime I got up and moved around, they'd stop!
1:00 - we went to bed
3:30-4:30 - contractions 2-4 minutes
6:00 - checked into the hospital
6:30 - only .5 cm more than the day before, and contractions had completely stopped
6:38-7:35 - we walked the hallways hoping they'd pick up again, but much to my dismay NOTHING happened.  I was convincced we were going to be sent home, and had to fight to hold back the tears.
8:00 - they chcked me again, and I had gone from 3 cm to 5cm!  We were staying!
8:30 - checked into our L&D room.
9:30 - got the epidural
10:00 - got pitocin started because my contractions were fairly spuradic and not getting consistent or closer than 7-9 minutes apart.
11:00 - the nurse checked me to discover that Camrynn was "right there" and we were okay to push! 
11:20 - the doctor got there, and they set everything up to push.
11:24 - (after 3 LAME pushes) Camrynn Marie was born!

Camrynn Marie Buttle
6 Lbs 7.3 Oz (bigger than Kendalynn, but smaller than Logan!)

18 inches long (shortie!)

So far she seems as sweet as can be, and is an amazingly good little eater!  (When I can wake her up that is!)  Tyler brought the kids by with grandma and grandpa, and Kendalynn was constantly wanted to hold her and to see her toes and tummy.  Logan was happy, but was more excited about playing with things in the room.  :)

 comparing the size of my hand to her body!

 Her hair was so fluffy and long when they brought her back from her bath.  Sooo cute!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

trial run

(excuse her little blurry bum...they just got out of the bathtub.)

So I'm gonna try out the whole sharing room thing. As you can see I only moved her mattress in case it doesn't work out and I move her back. So far they've been in there about 20 minutes.......and they're still awake. Normally when I lay each of them down, once I leave the room they are SILENT. And that's the end of it.

For the first little while Kendalynn kept asking Logan to say "toot" over and over again and each time they'd crack up laughing. Then I heard her later saying to him, "don't ever wake me up ever ever ever again." He keeps saying "nite nite?" to her, and then she says yes, and then asks him right back, "are you going nite nite?" to which he says yes as well. If only they'd actually go nite nite...

As of this moment I'm not so sure about this!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

some thoughts

I need some opinions. :) When Camrynn arrives, all my kids could still have their own room. I know I want baby C in her own room (for at least a year or so) since who knows how her sleeping habits will be and all of that. But lately I've gotten to thinking...and I'm wondering if I should put K & L in the same room, keep a guest room, and then put baby C in her own room.

SO. There are just too many pro's and con's that I can't make up my own mind.

If you even care about all this...here are some thoughts. :)

1. If no one shares...there is a queen bed in C's room. With it in there, it really squishes the room. Where do I put it? Do I keep it? Do I trade it for K's twin and put the twin in the nursery? (I like the idea of having one of them in there for the late nights.) If we keep a guest room and combine K&L I could keep it out of the way and put a little couch in the nursery instead. I could fit the changing table in the nursery!
2. Logan's room is painted boy colors. Sad to put that to waste as a guest room, so do I put K&L in there? Her bedding actually coordinates with his wall colors. :)
3. K&L's furniture are really different. One is cream/ivory, one is flat white. They'd look kinda ugly together!
4. K&L both sleep through the night without interruption so I don't have to worry about either of them affecting the others sleep. (only bad thing..if one would wake the other one up earlier in the morning. Sometimes L wakes up an hour earlier than K so that would kinda stink.)
5. K&L have done AMAZING sleeping in the same room together when we've gone on vacations and things. In fact, I think K helped L calm down the nights he would cry.
6. I'm a HUGE believer in kids sharing rooms because of the lessons they learn. Sharing space, getting along, cleaning together, late night silly chats that are fun. Carrie used to practice all her different "laughing styles" late at night when I was trying to sleep. :)
7. the fact that I'd have to move all their furniture around.

Not a crazy serious situation...but if anyone else out there has any thoughts, experience, whatever, please let me know!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

buggy prayers

So for the past few weeks I've been making sure that we have Kendalynn say her own prayers at night when we put her in her bed. I always remind her first that we start our prayers by saying the things that we're thankful for, and she ALWAYS wanders off to talk about the weirdest things. Tonight...this is about how it went.

she skips saying the actual "thank you for" or "bless us so" and all those things.

Kendalynn: Heavenly Father, and that we don't have any mean caterpillars in our house. That we only have nice caterpillars in our house, and that there be no more mean giant caterpillars.
Me: Okay...remember to say what you're thankful for.
Kendalynn: That we don't take the bandaids off our feet so they get better cause our shoes hurt us.
Me: Okay. Thank you for our family.
Kendalynn: " " our family.
Me: Thank you for Jesus.
Kendalynn: " " for Jesus and the farm. And the cows. (???)

After that point she said a few more bizarre things I don't remember, and then I had to help her finish off the prayer with more "normal" things to talk about in prayers.

It cracks me up. The whole caterpillar thing was probably inspired from seeing a dead one outside the church tonight. (which she then waved goodbye to and said "see you later dead caterpillar!") But the farm??? No idea. But she sure is cute.